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Tuff Top- Multiple Finishes Available

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No sanding, priming, or waxing required!

No fumes, no strong odor, Low VOC. Very safe & eco-friendly!

This indoor/outdoor protectant and sealant is UV-fade resistant and corrosion resistant. 

Smooth finish with incredible adhesion and maximum durability!

It adheres to wood, metal, glass, plastic, laminate, metal, glass, concrete, fabric, leather, and more!

Available in 3 finishes: Low lustre (eggshell), Satin,  and Semigloss

Best of all, it is manufactured and packaged right here in the U.S.A. 

Directions for use:  Apply Tuff Top with a quality nylon brush or the Miracle Sponge. With long, continuous strokes working from edge to edge, apply a uniform coat of Flat Top. Be sure to use enough product to allow the surface to be wet until entirely covered. Using too little product will cause streaks.  You may see small bubbles and that's okay- they will pop as the product self-levels. 

Pro Tip: I always recommend using Tuff Top on flat surfaces with high usage such as tabletops and dresser tops. Tuff Top is recommended over all dark finishes such as Stain Top and darked colored resin paint. Application may alter sheen slightly, so you may prefer to apply over entire piece for consistency. Be sure to check the edges for drips. Allow first coat to dry fully (30-60 minutes) before applying additional coats as needed for protection or to even out coverage. Allow project to cure 8 hours after the final coat before you being using the piece. Care for your new finish using Clean Top. 

Net wt: 8 oz

Manufactured by Rethunk Junk By Laura in Georgia, USA