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Sage Smudge Spray with Black Tourmaline Crystals

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Out with the old and in with the new! Energetically speaking, of course. 

Different cultures have used sage in cleansing ceremonies for centuries to remove stagnant energy and protect people and their spaces. Today, we’re bombarded with more stimulation than ever. Sage helps remove some of the pent-up energy that we accumulate throughout our days. One of our favorite self-care tools, our Sage Smudge Spray offers a smoke-free alternative to burning the plant itself. 

Our spray grounds, balances and restores any space - your home, car, office, you name it. In addition to the powerful clarifying properties of sage, black tourmaline absorbs negative energy, raises your energetic vibration, and reduces EMF pollution from technology! If you’ve been feeling cloudy or your home feels stuffy, this spray will be your new best friend. 

An Important Note:

Sacred smoke created from burning medicinal or sacred plants is an aspect of many cultures and religions all over the world. In North America, it’s a ceremonial practice to Indigenous Peoples, and is called smudging. Many traditional smudging ceremonies use White Sage.* 

Unfortunately, White Sage is at risk for overharvesting and listed under the Plant Savers “To Watch” list. Because smudging is so vital to Indigenous Peoples, we have intentionally chosen Common Sage (Salvia officinalis) essential oil for our product instead of White Sage (Salvia apiana). Common Sage has similar properties, but is much more widely available. We have confirmed with our distributor that the Common Sage essential oil that we purchase from them is sustainably sourced and ethically harvested.  


Ingredients:  Pure Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Black Tourmaline Crystals, Organic Essential Oils: Sage, Lavender, Cedarwood

Directions: Gently shake before each use. Spritz throughout your space or around your body, paying close attention to corners if spraying in rooms. Then, open windows to let the energy release! Can be used as a room and body spray.

Size: 4 oz Glass Bottle with Atomizer

Handcrafted by Nourish Natural Products in Wisconsin, USA