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Weathered Gray Stain Top

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No sanding, priming, or waxing required!

No fumes, no strong odor, Low VOC. Very safe & eco-friendly!

This indoor/outdoor stain is UV-fade resistant and corrosion resistant. 

Smooth finish with incredible adhesion and maximum durability!

It adheres to wood, metal, glass, plastic, laminate, metal, glass, concrete, fabric, leather, and more!

Best of all, it is manufactured and packaged right here in the U.S.A. 

Directions for use: Clean surface thoroughly with The Prep and allow to dry. Protect any area underneath from drips or splatters.  Shake well before opening. Apply stain top using a quality, soft bristle brush (such as nylon) in a smooth and steady back & forth motion to create uniform coverage. Follow the direction of the wood grain. Do not use a chip brush or foam brush. Once the piece is fully covered, you can use a microfiber stain pad or lint-free fabric to lightly smooth from edge to edge or simply allow to self-level and prevent puddles. Be sure to watch for drips on edges and lightly brush or gently wipe them away.  When completely dry (30-60 minutes), apply additional coats until desired depth and coverage is achieved. Seal with Flat Top, Tuff Top, or WASH (Wax Alternative Sealer Hardener) to protect and for added durability. Care for your new finish with Clean Top. It is not recommended to seal outdoor projects because the sealant isn't formulated for outdoor use

Pro Tip:  Avoid over-working the stain top to prevent streaking. Apply liberally and allow to self-level.  If you want to start with more richness in your first coat, simply add a little paint to the container before you start. Just a tablespoon will make a big difference in coverage and depth. If you are using Weathered Gray Stain Top, add Gray Mist or True Gray Resin Paint. 

Net wt: 8 oz

Also available as a Quart (32 oz) via special order

Manufactured by Rethunk Junk By Laura in Georgia, USA